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You Can’t Always Get What You Want – A Mick Jagger Theory of Drought Management

by Jay Lund [This is a reposting of a post from February 2016, near the end of the previous drought.  For human uses, conditions seem somewhat similar to this point in the previous drought, so this perspective might be … Continue reading

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The vortex of executive activity

by Jay Lund The graphic below seems to apply to any bureaucracy, with larger bureaucracies showing this tendency more strongly.  In this vortex conception of management, one can often make more progress from the periphery than from the center of … Continue reading

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Two-way thinking in natural resource management

By Andrew L. Rypel “I have more confidence in the ability of institutions to improve their thinking than in the ability of individuals to improve their thinking” ~Daniel Kahneman It is long recognized that there are two dominant modes of … Continue reading

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Dissecting the use of water management plans in California

By Nicola Ulibarri California uses plans as a primary tool for managing water throughout the state. Regulations like the Urban Water Management Planning Act of 1983, Regional Water Management Planning Act of 2002, Water Conservation Act of 2009, and Sustainable … Continue reading

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