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Dammed fish? Call 5937.

Peter Moyle, Professor of Fish Biology, UC Davis Brian Gray, Professor of Law, UC Hastings School of Law “The owner of any dam shall allow sufficient water at all times to pass over, around, or through the dam, to keep … Continue reading

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Taking agricultural conservation seriously

Jay Lund1, Ellen Hanak2, Richard Howitt3, Ariel Dinar4, Brian Gray5, Jeffrey Mount6, Peter Moyle7, Barton “Buzz” Thompson8     For decades, people have observed that human water use in California is largely devoted to irrigating farmland, and they have therefore … Continue reading

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Sea level rise and Delta subsidence—the demise of subsided Delta islands

Jay R. Lund, the Ray B. Krone Professor of Environmental Engineering, University of California – Davis Periodically, scientists point to the weaknesses of levees in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.  The press and policy makers respond with astonishment, followed by local … Continue reading

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Water to the sea isn’t wasted

By Jeffrey Mount In December of 2010 we had a remarkable set of storms.  Relentless rain and snowfall hit both southern and northern California.  The news reports about these events followed a predictable pattern, including the inevitable articles that bemoan … Continue reading

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