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When Good Fish Make Bad Decisions

Carson Jeffres, Staff Research Associate, Center for Watershed Sciences Restoration of degraded habitat is generally considered to be a no-brainer.  But, what if by “restoring” the habitat, you inadvertently create a habitat that causes either the target species or other … Continue reading

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Wanted: An integrated strategy for recovery of Central Valley salmon

Jacob Katz, Ph.D. Candidate, Center for Watershed Sciences Peter Moyle, Professor of Fish Biology, University of California – Davis Historically, the rivers of the Central Valley had seasonally variable stream flows and diverse habitats.  Rivers tended to flood in winter, … Continue reading

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Have our salmon and eat them too: Re-thinking Central Valley salmon hatcheries

By Jacob Katz and Peter Moyle In the previous blog, Jay Lund argued that wide-scale, integrated management of California’s water system will better balance water needs of the environment and water demands by humans.  Here we expand on the need … Continue reading

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Expanding water storage capacity in California

Jay R. Lund, The Ray B. Krone Chair of Environmental Engineering, University of California – Davis “The old gray mare, she ain’t what she used to be.” The recent report from the US Bureau of Reclamation on the economic feasibility … Continue reading

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Sex, lies and videotape: Premature maturation of Chinook salmon on Shasta River

Carson Jeffres, Senior Research Associate, Center for Watershed Sciences, University of California – Davis Migration to and from the sea (anadromy) is the iconic pattern we associate with Pacific salmon. They spend most of their life in the ocean, taking … Continue reading

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Coho in Crisis, Part 2: Saving coho, saving salmon, restoring streams

By Peter Moyle In my last blog, I provided evidence that coho salmon were headed for extinction in California.  Here I discuss why and what we can do about  it.  The over-riding cause of coho decline is 150 years of … Continue reading

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Coho in Crisis, Part 1: The decline toward extinction in California

By Peter Moyle In case you hadn’t noticed, one of California’s most spectacular fish is leaving us. The coho salmon, silvery favorites of fishermen and essential components of our coastal rainforest ecosystems, are headed for extinction in the state. This … Continue reading

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