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Will more wildfire and precipitation extremes mussel-out California’s freshwater streams?

By Andrew J. Lawrence and Andrew L. Rypel Apocalyptic scenes of wildfires and floods are now familiar to Californians. However, the ecological impacts from these events remain understudied in California and across the world. Gaps in awareness and understanding on … Continue reading

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A Guide for New California Water Wonks

by Jay Lund Water is a universal foundation for every problem and opportunity in California.  Most people use it every day, yet even experts with decades of experience don’t know it all.   (Alas, too many advocates and pundits almost don’t … Continue reading

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Green Sturgeon in California: Hidden Lives Revealed From Long-Term Tracking

By Scott F. Colborne, Lawrence W. Sheppard, Daniel R. O’Donnell, Daniel C. Reuman, Jonathan A. Walter, Gabriel P. Singer, John T. Kelly, Michael J. Thomas, and Andrew L. Rypel You gotta respect fishes that have been around since the dinosaurs, … Continue reading

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Resistance is Futile – Agriculture is Key to Fixing Lower Colorado River Water Shortages

by Jay Lund and Josué Medellin-Azuara The lower Colorado River has been out of balance for about 40 years, using more water than has been available.  As their reservoirs empty, the three lower basin states, federal government, and water users … Continue reading

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