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The Journey to Science Friday

by Miranda Bell Tilcock I published my first manuscript in January 2021, titled “Advancing diet reconstruction in fish eye lenses” in Methods in Ecology and Evolution. Publication and the subsequent press release led to quite the whirlwind of attention and … Continue reading

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Who governs California’s drinking water systems?

By Kristin Dobbin and Amanda Fencl A key feature of California’s drinking water system is the large number of individual water systems. There are approximately 3,000 Community Water Systems (CWSs) in the state, meaning systems that serve a residential population … Continue reading

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From buckets to umbrellas: fish conservation before the storm

By Alyssa Obester, Rob Lusardi, Sarah Yarnell, Ryan Peek, and Nick Santos Fish need water. While minimum flows and other emergency-response approaches might save some fishes during crises, such “bucket-based” approaches are insufficient in the long-term. For example, biologists in … Continue reading

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Continued drought early in a possibly wet year

by Jay Lund California’s 2021 calendar year is over, but its 2022 Water Year (which started October 2021) is already three months old and still early in its wet season.  So far this wet season is actually wet. It is … Continue reading

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California Waterblog 2021 “Wrapped”

by Christine A. Parisek and Andrew L. Rypel “The wait is over.  Your [California Waterblog 2021 Wrapped] is here.”  As we embark on another new year, we reflect and earnestly thank all of our readers, partners, authors, and friends. Studying … Continue reading

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