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Remarkable Suisun Marsh: a bright spot for fish in the San Francisco Estuary

by Teejay O’Rear and Peter Moyle To most people, Suisun Marsh is either the seemingly blank area visible at 70 MPH from the north side of Highway 680 or the sudden expanse of tules visible after the Amtrak train leaves … Continue reading

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Can Water Agencies Work Together Sustainably? – Lessons from Metropolitan Planning

by Jay Lund It is said that, “In the US, we hate government so much that we have thousands of them.”  This decentralization has advantages, but poses problems for integration. Integration is easy to say, and hard to do.  Integration … Continue reading

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What Water is Covered by the Clean Water Act?

by Karrigan Bork It is important if a stream, river, wetland, or even a dry ditch is protected by the Clean Water Act (CWA). The CWA is a federal law “to restore and maintain the chemical, physical, and biological integrity … Continue reading

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Groundwater Law – Physical – “the water budget myth”

by Jay Lund This week’s short post is on groundwater law – from the viewpoint of physics.  Water policy, management, and human law often misunderstand how groundwater and surface water work physically. Bredehoeft, et al. (1982) distill a longstanding lament … Continue reading

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