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Management’s eternal relevance

by Jay Lund Just a brief, and slightly pedantic, blog post this week on the importance of liberal education and broad thinking for those want to solve real problems, illustrated with a bit of history. Engineers and physical scientists will … Continue reading

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The long and winding road of salmon trucking in California

By Dr Anna Sturrock Trucking juvenile hatchery salmon downstream is often used in the California Central Valley to reduce mortality during their perilous swim to the ocean. But is it all good? Researchers at UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UC San … Continue reading

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Providing Flows for Fish

by Peter Moyle A reality in California and the American West is that people are competing with fish for water. We humans are winning the competition.  However, because there are moral, aesthetic, and legal obligations to provide fish with water … Continue reading

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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of California’s State-Mandated Urban Water Conservation during Drought

by Amy Talbot Amy Talbot is the Regional Water Efficiency Manger for the Regional Water Authority, which represents 21 water suppliers in the Sacramento region.  She manages an award-winning public outreach and education program.  Additionally, she is a board member … Continue reading

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