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Approaches to Water Planning

by Jay Lund “Structured decision-making” and “decision biases” are all the rage, but methods to structure and make better decisions have been common for centuries.  A recent paper reviews structured approaches to water planning and policy discussions (Lund 2021).  This … Continue reading

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FEMA’s Community Rating System: Worth the Effort?

by Jesse Gourevitch and Nicholas Pinter In response to growing threats of climate change, the US federal government is increasingly supporting community-level investments in resilience to natural hazards (Executive Order 14008, 2021; Lempert et al., 2018). As such federal programs … Continue reading

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Rice & salmon, what a match!

By: Andrew L. Rypel, Derrick J. Alcott, Paul Buttner, Alex Wampler, Jordan Colby, Parsa Saffarinia, Nann Fangue and Carson A. Jeffres Long-time followers of this blog may have tracked the evolution of our salmon-rice work for some time. The work … Continue reading

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California’s 2022 Water Year – Both Wet and Dry

by Jay Lund After two years of solid drought, and four months into California’s “wet” season, we don’t know if this year will be wet or dry.  This is normal for California.  But this year’s monthly precipitation “whiplash” is unusual. … Continue reading

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