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This Drought is Dead – Long Live the Drought

by Jay Lund and Andrew L. Rypel Floods and droughts are not opposites and can occur simultaneously. This occurs often in California and is especially well-illustrated this year. Floods, droughts, and water scarcity are different. Floods are too much water … Continue reading

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The rapid invasion of Mississippi silverside in California

by Peter B. Moyle The Mississippi silverside (Menidia audens[1]) is one of the most abundant fishes in the San Francisco Estuary and in the fresh waters of California in general. As the name indicates, it is not native to the … Continue reading

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Explaining water units to real people (who like basketball)

by Jay Lund It’s March madness once again as we try to explain water conditions in California to real people in the midst of additional basketball madness. We all enjoy and suffer with basketball.  This commonality can make it a … Continue reading

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Hiding in plain sight: newly described freshwater fishes from the Los Angeles area and elsewhere in California

By Peter B. Moyle, Nicholas Buckmaster, and Yingxin Su Lulu Miller in her wonderful 2020 book, Why Fish Don’t Exist, describes how fish exist to us humans only if they have been assigned proper names. The Santa Ana Speckled Dace … Continue reading

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