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Supreme Court Ruling Finds Old, New Middle Ground on Clean Water Act’s Application to Groundwater

By Thomas Harter, Steph Tai, and Karrigan Bork In 1972, the U.S. Clean Water Act (CWA) created a permit system for point source discharges to navigable waters of the United States – rivers, lakes, and coastal waters – with the … Continue reading

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Striped Bass in the Pacific Ocean: When, where and why?

by Dylan K. Stompe Striped bass are an iconic and recreationally important fish species throughout the United States, including within their native range on the Atlantic Coast. Based on their value as a sport fish and as table fare, striped … Continue reading

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Eating Delta Smelt

by Peter Moyle, Center for Watershed Sciences, UC Davis Delta smelt are an endangered species and the latest estimates of their numbers indicate they will likely not be around much longer as wild fish. When I first started working on … Continue reading

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MWDC Proposes Overarching Delta Solution

by Nestle J. Frobish Today the Megalopolitan Water District of California (a consortium of southern California and Bay Area urban water suppliers) proposed building a new aqueduct to take water from the Sacramento River to Bay Area and southern California … Continue reading

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