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How dry is California? What should we prepare for?

by Jay Lund California is in the second year of a drought. Governor Newsom this week made his first drought declaration.   Just how dry is this drought, so far?  What are some likely implications?  And what might State and … Continue reading

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Suisun Marsh fishes in 2020: Persistence during the Pandemic

by Teejay O’Rear, John Durand, Peter Moyle Suisun Marsh is central to the health of the San Francisco Estuary. Not only is it a huge (470 km2) tidal marsh in the center the northern estuary (Figure 1), but it is an … Continue reading

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Increasing groundwater salinity changes water and crop management over long timescales

by Yiqing “Gracie” Yao and Jay Lund Salinity has often become a major limit for irrigated agriculture in semi-arid regions, from ancient Mesopotamia to parts of California today. A previous blog post showed that conjunctive use with more saline groundwater … Continue reading

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Looking for a new challenge? – Retrain as a Delta Smelt

Help restore one of California’s most endangered species while supporting California’s water supplies in a time of drought. The Federal government is beginning a program for the unemployed to retrain as much-needed Delta Smelt.  Following a two-day course, candidates will … Continue reading

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