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Functional Flows Can Improve Environmental Water Management in California

By Ted Grantham, Jeanette Howard, Belize Lane, Rob Lusardi, Sam Sandoval-Solis, Eric Stein, Sarah Yarnell and Julie Zimmerman Over the past three years, a team of scientists from universities, NGOs, and state agencies across California have been working to provide … Continue reading

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Getting to the Bottom of What Fuels Algal Blooms in Clear Lake

By: Nick Framsted Clear Lake is one of California’s oldest and most unique natural features. Nestled in Northern California’s coastal mountains, Clear Lake is the largest lake completely within California and is the oldest lake in North America with sediments … Continue reading

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Planning for a shorter rainy season and more frequent extreme storms in California

By Claire Kouba and J. Pablo Ortiz Partida California’s hydrologic future is muddled by a fundamental uncertainty: will the state get wetter or drier? Climate models disagree on this question, but provide insights on other important water management questions. The … Continue reading

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Small Dam, Big Deal: York Dam Removed in Napa Valley

By: Amber Manfree, Peter Moyle, Ted Grantham The recent removal of the sediment-filled York Dam in Napa County has reconnected two miles of steelhead trout habitat that has been blocked for over a century. While the dam itself was small … Continue reading

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