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Can Sacramento Valley reservoirs adapt to flooding with a warmer climate?

  by Jay Lund and Ann Willis Editor’s note: This is a blog that was originally posted on 6/25/17. Since publication of the blog, there has been interesting newer research about running the San Joaquin rim dams for “functional flows” … Continue reading

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Endangered Freshwater Fishes: Does California Lead the World?

By Peter B. Moyle & Robert A. Leidy See Moyle and Leidy (2023) for much more detailed version of this essay. Few things give the authors of this essay more pleasure than swimming in a California stream on a … Continue reading

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Facing the Dragon: California’s Nasty Ecological Debts

By Andrew L. Rypel “Every time you borrow money, you’re robbing your future self.” ~N. Morris When I was younger, a close friend of mine struggled with a crippling debt. It was during that unique period shortly before and after … Continue reading

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Water Wasted to the Sea?

By James E. Cloern, Jane Kay, Wim Kimmerer, Jeffrey Mount, Peter B. Moyle and Anke Müeller-Solger This essay is a condensed version of one that appeared in the journal San Francisco Estuary and Watershed Science (Vol. 15, Issue 2, Article 1), … Continue reading

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