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Field courses help young people see the real world

by Andrew L. Rypel It was perhaps unsurprising I wound up a field ecologist. Raised in Wisconsin, I spent almost all my childhood free time roaming largely unchaperoned in nature, pre-internet. It was there that I developed a deep love … Continue reading

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That Time Warren Buffett Got Involved in California Water

by Andrew L. Rypel As if 2020, wasn’t completely strange enough, it wound up also being a time when Warren Buffett was plunged headlong into California water. Buffett of course is an American business tycoon – primarily an investor, and … Continue reading

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California’s New Drought

By Jay Lund, Andrew L. Rypel, and Josue Medellin-Azuara As March begins to drag on with little precipitation in the forecast and few weeks left in California’s traditional wet season, we are in another dry year. This is California’s second … Continue reading

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Managing Water and Crops with Groundwater Salinity – A growing menace

by Yiqing “Gracie” Yao and Jay Lund Salinity is an eventual threat to agriculture and groundwater sustainability in parts of California, and other irrigated parts of the world. Irrigation, lower groundwater levels, and natural conditions have dramatically increased groundwater salinity … Continue reading

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