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Virtual Water vs. Real Water in California

By Jay Lund There has been considerable kvetching during this drought about California exporting agricultural products overseas, with some saying that this implies we are virtually exporting water that we should be using in California. Those concerned should take comfort … Continue reading

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Saving California’s salmon during a severe drought

By Peter Moyle California is in one of the most severe droughts in recent years. This means water agencies are under great pressure to sacrifice river flows meant to sustain fish and wildlife for increased water delivery to farms and … Continue reading

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Why give away fish flows for free during a drought?

By Jay Lund, Ellen Hanak, Barton “Buzz” Thompson, Brian Gray, Jeffrey Mount and Katrina Jessoe With California in a major drought, state and federal regulators will be under pressure to loosen environmental flow standards that protect native fish. This happened … Continue reading

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