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Hatcheries alone cannot save species and fisheries

By Andrew L. Rypel and Peter B. Moyle The photo is a common one (Fig 1). Large numbers of fish are being released into a river, stream or estuary – products of a fish hatchery. A politician or government leader … Continue reading

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The Banality of Floods (and Droughts)

By Jay Lund California’s ongoing floods and very wet year overall will continue to grab headlines, provide great pictures, and break some local records, but overall this year is unlikely to be truly extreme from historical or broader water policy … Continue reading

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Lake Tulare (and its fishes) shall rise again

By Peter B. Moyle “Agriculture has claimed and taken away our former fishing conditions and we have but little water left for fish life within reach of the common people.” ~S.L.N. Ellis, 1922. “When nature provides more water than storage … Continue reading

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Perspectives on DairyMAR

By Thomas Harter and Helen Dahlke Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) to not only store water but also to prevent unwanted flooding. In the recent executive order (N-4-23), governor Newsom provided a near-blanket permit for water managers to divert surface water … Continue reading

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New methods emerging for water management in California

by Elsa Cailleach Some of you might have noticed it’s been rainy outside lately – alot! Amazingly, the long-desired string of atmospheric rivers is now plaguing the previously drought-ridden state with more water than anyone knows what to do with! … Continue reading

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