Ecogeomorphology: A Transformative Expedition Education

This week, the Center for Watershed Sciences is proud to feature our flagship education course, Ecogeomorphology. What began as a collaboration between then-Professors Jeffrey Mount and Peter Moyle to introduce students to cross-discipline thinking in expedition settings has developed into a transformative opportunity for the select graduate and undergraduate students to experience a range of settings throughout California and the West, led by professors throughout the campus.

Why are classes like this worthy of the California WaterBlog? Because they are how we develop water leaders who can collaborate across disciplines, understand the complexity of water issues, and translate their educational experiences into visionary strategies for water management.

We’ll be posting media features about this expedition course throughout the week, including:

We’ll update this post with links to these media features as they go live.

We kick of this media series with a video blog by Ecogeo alumna Megan Nguyen about the expedition course developed for undergraduates. Ms. Nguyen’s Ecogeo experience included not just interdisciplinary research, but also communications training that aimed to improve students’ abilities to deliver clear messages on multi-media platforms. We hope you enjoy seeing the myriad ways people have been inspired by these trips as much as we have enjoyed developing them.

Megan Nguyen is a junior specialist at the Center for Watershed Sciences and alumna of the undergraduate Ecogeomorphology course. Her work specializes in using multimedia platforms to communicate complex water policy and technical concepts with easy-to-understand and engaging infographics.

Further reading

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