Keep California’s water ‘Maven’ afloat

Chis Austin, news reporter and owner of the online Maven's Notebook, a water, science and policy blog

Chis Austin, publisher of Maven’s Notebook, a blog on California water, science and policy. Photo by Betty Huey

The nonprofit Maven’s Notebook has become the daily go-to place for the latest California water news and information, including meeting summaries, keynote speeches and digests of ponderous documents. It’s a one-person operation, and that person, Chris Austin (aka “Maven”), needs your donations to stay afloat.

Helping Maven’s Notebook stay nonprofit helps everyone in California water policy and management, in at least three ways:

  • The meeting digests spare us the considerable time and expense of attending public hearings and talks
  • Maven’s water guides and seminar summaries provide free personnel training
  • Having a common, open-access source of credible, unspun information improves the quality of public debate

MavenBanner.pngMaven’s Notebook needs our collective support. Join us in becoming part of Maven’s fan club by making a monthly donation. Have your agency or firm donate more substantially, and encourage others to donate. Here is how you can help.

Now is the time for all good water wonks to come to the aid of their maven. Let’s keep this public good going.

Jay Lund, director, Center for Watershed Sciences, UC Davis
Ellen Hanak, California water policy expert

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