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Coho in Crisis, Part 1: The decline toward extinction in California

By Peter Moyle In case you hadn’t noticed, one of California’s most spectacular fish is leaving us. The coho salmon, silvery favorites of fishermen and essential components of our coastal rainforest ecosystems, are headed for extinction in the state. This … Continue reading

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Conserving fish, conserving water, conserving California

Peter Moyle, Professor of Fish Biology, UC Davis California has a remarkable collection of native freshwater fishes, many of them found only in the state.  To me, these native fishes define the unique regions of the California mosaic. Southern steelhead … Continue reading

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Suction dredging is bad for fish

Peter B. Moyle, Professor of Fish Biology, UC Davis Suction dredging seems like a fairly innocent pastime.  A few folks go to a stream on a nice summer day with a portable device to suck tiny amounts of gold out … Continue reading

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Striped bass control: cure worse than disease?

By Peter B. Moyle and William A. Bennett Seven species of fish in the Delta are listed as threatened or endangered, including Delta smelt, salmon and steelhead. Although the ultimate cause of decline in these species is adverse water management … Continue reading

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