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Striped Bass in the Pacific Ocean: When, where and why?

by Dylan K. Stompe Striped bass are an iconic and recreationally important fish species throughout the United States, including within their native range on the Atlantic Coast. Based on their value as a sport fish and as table fare, striped … Continue reading

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Striped Bass: An Important Indicator Species in the Delta

by Peter Moyle The striped bass is a favorite sport fish in the San Francisco Estuary (SFE), especially the Delta, because of its large size, sporting qualities, and tasty flesh. Historically, it supported major commercial and sport fisheries but the … Continue reading

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Striped Bass in the San Francisco Estuary: Insight Into a Forgotten Past

by Dylan Stompe and Peter Moyle Striped bass are well known throughout California as a hard-fighting game fish, excellent table fare, and a voracious predator on other fish. Striped bass were introduced into the San Francisco Estuary in 1879 and … Continue reading

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Suisun Marsh fishes in 2020: Persistence during the Pandemic

by Teejay O’Rear, John Durand, Peter Moyle Suisun Marsh is central to the health of the San Francisco Estuary. Not only is it a huge (470 km2) tidal marsh in the center the northern estuary (Figure 1), but it is an … Continue reading

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Fish surveys in the estuary: the whole is greater than the sum of its parts

by Dylan K. Stompe, Peter Moyle, Avery Kruger, John Durand The San Francisco Estuary is a dynamic and altered estuary that supports a high diversity of fishes, both native and non-native. These species have substantial recreational, commercial, and intrinsic value … Continue reading

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The Freezer of Horrors

by Miranda Bell-Tilcock, Jamie Sweeney, and Malte Willmes Down the dark corridors of the Watershed Sciences building are freezers of dead fish. Frozen Chinook Salmon carcasses and their dissected eyes and muscles in neat vials are stacked next to White … Continue reading

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Guest Species – What about the nonnative species we like?

by Karrigan Bork, JD, PhD Conservationists worry about a host of nonnative species, and with good reason. Nonnative species cause north of $120 billion per year in damages in North America alone, and they present the primary extinction risk for roughly … Continue reading

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We Wish You A Silly Fishmas

by Kim Luke Night Before Fishmas “Twas the night before Fishmas, when all through the spaceNot a creature was stirring, not even a Dace;The fyke nets were hung by the boat dock with care,In hopes that St. Fish-olas soon would … Continue reading

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Remarkable Suisun Marsh: a bright spot for fish in the San Francisco Estuary

by Teejay O’Rear and Peter Moyle To most people, Suisun Marsh is either the seemingly blank area visible at 70 MPH from the north side of Highway 680 or the sudden expanse of tules visible after the Amtrak train leaves … Continue reading

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Science, the Delta, and the future of San Joaquin salmon

by Peter B. Moyle I feel fortunate to be a biologist in an era and place, California, where science matters.  Routine scientific studies rarely make headlines but they are relied on by decision makers because they reduce uncertainty, bit by … Continue reading

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